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You Better Give Up

14 May 2018 / Flux

  1. 01 Bring It Down
  2. 02 Port De La Lune
  3. 03 You Better Give Up (Kosme Remix)
  4. 04 You Better Give Up
Artists: Laroze

Straight out of coastal Bordeaux, Laroze is back on Flux with another collection of floor-focussed cuts. Joining him on remix duties this time is fellow Frenchman Kosme, who’s built a keen following with his residency at Lyon’s esteemed Le Sucre club alongside the likes of Agoria and Laurent Garnier.

Following on from FLUX002, Laroze’s style is typically packed with energy and verve, using the classic US house framework as a launch-pad to bring his sound to contemporary dance-floors across Europe.

Paying direct homage to the very first warehouse anthems, the EP opens with Bring It Down. A term that tends to be bandied around far too frequently, Bring It Down is a certified club weapon - tried and tested on the road over the last few months to rapturous effect.

If there ever was a Mecca for pure, uplifting feel-good sounds, then 80s Chicago would almost certainly be it. Infectious string hooks and sultry vocal samples outline A2 track Port De La Lune, with just enough disco to balance with tasteful filter tweaks and vibrant and detailed drum work.

Over to the B-side, Kosme’s remix of You Better Give Up (Romy’s Floor Version) flips the original completely on its head, where glistening synth undulations drive the track forward with newly defined purpose. An extended break-down sees Kosme drop in nostalgic break-beats and a sombre string arrangement, before rolling back in. Laroze’s You Better Give Up takes the energy all the way back down, where poignant synth lines sway melancholically under vocals and backdrop drums and hats.

FLUX003 lands Spring 2018, 180 gram limited edition vinyl (no digital) with cover artwork from Laura Zhang.

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