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20 April 2018 / DGTL Records

  1. 01 Fauna
  2. 02 Yam
  3. 03 Magharibi (Satori Remix)
Artists: Satori

The fourth instalment on DGTL Records is an EP by Satori, who delivers a record with three tracks that all bear his signature sound. This will be the first EP he releases after Maktub, his well-received album on Crosstown Rebels. Compared to the album, the EP is more dancefloor orientated and thus right in time for the summer festival season.

Satori has been part of the DGTL family for a few years already and with this release, his connection with the family will become even stronger. Satori is inspired to capture electronic world music, where he combines endless blends of seductive trance and mind-altering earthy tones. This resonates through all his music and even more so through this release.

The first track on the A-side is Fauna, an organic, melody driven arrangement with mesmerizing vocals and playful synths. This combination of layers gives the track an almost hypnotizing effect. The second one is called Yam, which makes it the title track for this EP. It’s a homage to an identically named festival in Mexico, hosted by a dear friend of Satori. It’s like a soundtrack for the festival, seen through Satori his eyes, something with which he could close the party. Containing several layered atmospheric harmonies and a more present bassline, the track has a grandeur vibe that can easily be pictured as a great festival closer.

The B-side contains a remix of a track by the French producer Sahalé, who actually sent Satori a message online asking for the possibility of working together. He sent him the track Magharibi, which has been a humble internet sensation. Satori made a version that has been a key element in his live sets ever since. It keeps all the interesting elements of the original, but twists the bassline and the arrangement, while adding a few smaller soundscapes. Tried and tested on the road, it’s now ready for a release.




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