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Jeff Mills
Woman In The Moon - performance

28 April 2016 /

Artists: Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills brings Fritz Lang’s ‘Woman In The Moon’ live to London in April 2016

Three legends unite in London for a unique cine-mix performance. Techno pioneer Jeff Mills will soundtrack the early 20th Century German sci-fi film ‘Woman In The Moon’ at London’s beloved Coronet Theatre.

Two years on from his first ever cine-mix ‘The Trip’ in London, Jeff Mills premieres Fritz Lang’s ‘Woman In The Moon’ cine-mix on Thursday 28th April at an all-seated Coronet Theatre. The iconic theatre, cinema and music venue, open since 1872, is closing it’s doors in January 2017 after 140 years as a jewel in South London’s vibrant cultural scene. 

Over the past few years, the iconic techno artist has been performing his audiovisual ‘cine-mix’ sets around the world, and released a triple-CD soundtrack of ‘Woman In The Moon’ last year with Mills describing it as ‘definitely grave, structurally spacial and ubiquitous’. Deeply inhabited by science-fiction, DJ, producer and artist Jeff Mills adopts it’s ideas, concepts, stories and aesthetics. For him, Space is an obsession and his music appears as a musical science-fiction.

Woman In The Moon’ (Frau im Mond) is considered to be one of the first ‘serious’ science fiction films, written and directed by Fritz Lang, who is one of the key figures in German expressionist cinema, most famous for his seminal work ‘Metropolis’, and a pioneer of the science fiction and film noir genres. Based on the novel written by his then wife Thea von Harbou, ‘Woman In The Moon’ presented the basics of rocket travel and space exploration, 40 years before they were to become a reality, under the auspices of searching for gold on the moon.

Jeff Mills quotes:

‘I'm especially interested in films that were made in the early half of the last century. It was a very transitional time, things were changing all the time - every 5 years there was a whole different scenario, the world was really... spinning."

‘With Woman In the Moon, that was really the first time those audiences had seen an impression of what the moon could be like. It was just as astonishing for them, as it was for the whole world to see it laid out so graphically on a big screen. So I had to consider all that, and make the music really in that respect in a very timeless way.” 

date: Thursday 28th April.
doors: 7pm | performance: 8pm-11pm
venue: Coronet Theatre. 28 New Kent Road London SE1 6TJ.


Jeff Mills will be performing for three hours.

Tickets on sale Friday 5th February from


Ground Floor Seated: £25 (+Booking Fee)

Balcony Seated: £22.50 (+Booking Fee)

German film institute Murnau Stiftung have granted the rights for the film to be used, their work can be seen at

Jeff Mills quote taken from BBC Arts & Culture article.

Press ticket enquires and Jeff Mills interview requests, please contact Melissa at Tailored Communication Due to capacity, press tickets are very limited.




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