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Tupido Velo

28 June 2018 / Cluster Node

  1. 01 Watchtower
  2. 02 Frequency 250
  3. 03 Oblivion
Artists: Tupido Velo

Tupido Velo's debut EP 'Watchtower' delivers a wondrous sonic adventure. Dark and uncompromising yet otherworldly and beautiful, it places itself somewhere along the intersection between Techno and Black Metal.

Microtonal samples, live black metal recordings, daunting vocals, heavily processed guitars, analog synths and field recordings are combined with throbbing rhythms and drowned in an ocean of reverb to create a unique body of work. The EP is a dream-like journey, a describing narrative - dense, yet somehow blissful.

The first track 'Watchtower' is the prime example of the immediately outstanding characteristics of the EP, which cloak the mind and shroud the room in a misty yet sheltering fog - or a bed of roses. Still it is the rhythmic construction whose relentless progression is most immediately alluring.

While 'Oblivion' is certainly the most deviating work of the three, and the one with the most obvious black metal influences, its brutally transforming rhythms and screams set against an acoustic stream of beauty and light might also make it the most terrifying. The strength of the track lies in the mesmerising balance between moments of fragility, which mutate into sheer catharsis concluding the EP in a blaze.




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