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Casually Here , Lawrence Hart
Wanderlust / Chimes

07 September 2018 / Hotflush Recordings

  1. 01. Wanderlust
  2. 02. Chimes

Hotflush Recordings present Wanderlust / Chimes, a collaborative EP from Lawrence Hart and Casually Here due 7th September. Both multi-instrumentalists based in London, the duo unite for a two-track package of glistening, melodic house. The title track was a highlight of George FitzGerald's acclaimed Essential Mix earlier this year.

Lawrence Hart (aka Duncan Tootill) is a classically trained musician working with a broad spectrum of styles, who, under his solo moniker produces ambient-leaning house and electronica. He is one third of Little Club and a long-term collaborator of George FitzGerald. Casually Here (aka Nic Nell) is an experimental composer and the label boss of Algebra Records, whose debut album ‘Kept’ was released in 2015.

‘Wanderlust’ is an atmospheric trip through glitching melodies and immersive harmonics replete with minute details. ‘Chimes’ opens with a serene soundscape, evolving into a chugging dose of sun-drenched house led by trippy vocals and an animated bassline.




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