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Volte / They Are In Our House Now

25 May 2018 / This Is It Forever

  1. 01. Volte
  2. 02. They Are In Our House Now
  3. 03. They Are In Our House Now (Sim Hutchins Remix)
Remixers: Sim Hutchins

worriedaboutsatan return with Volte / They Are In Our House Now, a brand new double A-side single.

Recorded in tandem with the band’s brand new album, Volte / They Are In Our House Now finds the band in uniquely worriedaboutsatan mode. Not content with releasing a long-form ambient EP already this year (February’s ‘Shift’), they return with something completely different: a single highlighting their penchant for swirling atmospherics, and driving, euphoric techno.

“We made the two tracks at the same time as our new album, but we felt they kinda shone on their own, and didn’t really flow with the rest of the record, so we thought we’d highlight them in their own little release” the band explain.

Backed with a genre hopping remix from Essex native Sim Hutchins (UIQ / No Pain In Pop / Local Action), which he dubs ‘micro-hardstyle’, the three tracks continue the prolific 2018 that the band are currently enjoying.

Released via This Is It Forever, the band’s own imprint, Volte / They Are In Our House Now will be available as a digital download only on May 25th.




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