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CJ Scott
Velvet Pony Trax 2

20 April 2018 / Velvet Pony

  1. 01 Mixed Emotion
  2. 02 CJ's Flyby
  3. 03 Peaktimekatten
Artists: CJ Scott

Next up to bat on Art Alfieā€™s Velvet Pony is Stockholm talent and Karlovak alumni Cj Scott and he hits way out of the park. The EP includes the highly anticipated track Peaktimekatten already featured on Baba Stiltz Resident Advisor mix along with two more housebombs both bearing CJ's signature touch of speed and urgency stretched out over the full length capacity of a records side.

His previous release on Karlovak gained huge support from the likes of Martinez Brothers, Cassy and Ryan Elliott.




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