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Untold Places EP

07 July 2017 / Just This

  1. 01. Untold Places
  2. 02. Jupiter's Moon
  3. 03, Jupiter's Moon (Sterac Remix)
  4. 04. Jupiter's Moon (Sterac Dub Version)
Artists: Octual
Remixers: Sterac

The next EP on Just This comes from Octual, an established figure on the Dutch underground techno circuit. His 3rd release to date is an exploration into melody and beat composition – a journey through uncharted territory.

 “Jupiter’s moon” presents a fleeting view of different landscapes - claps and hi-hats depict the lights and shadows of a sublunary word. “Untold Places” reaches an otherworldly place where rhythm and metre counteract each other and obscure sounds sway us in and out of reality.

Amsterdam based electronic pioneer Sterac provides two remixes, analysing and repurposing the molecular details of Octual’s productions.

His first rework of ‘Jupiter’s Moon’ provides a stunning and heartfelt view, exploring the intersection of each artist’s approach. For the dub version he reveals a darker sentiment, creating a dancefloor oriented secret weapon.




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