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Tusk EP

15 August 2011 / R&S Records

  1. A1. Tusk
  2. A2. Fens
  3. B1. Cypher
  4. B2. Pim
Artists: Klaus

When I loaded this EP into my computer to pen some words on this cerebral cortex of an EP, it popped up next to an old recording I have of Klaus Schulze and in many ways it hints at a modern update on his sound.

Klaus is not as his name denotes actually from Germany, but a classically trained young musician from London. In his short tenure as a producer, he’s already picked up plaudits from the great James Blake and Mount Kimbie. The latter loved him so much they called upon him to remix their recent Carbonated release.

With debut EP Tusk we have an initial statement, which sounds too accomplished to be an entrance into the recorded world.  Erudite and cultivated, the EP sets a tone for an early evening on a heavy system or an earlier morning on the headphones against an inner-city backdrop.

It twists and turns throughout its four tracks. Layered drum patterns give way to distorted atmospherics permeated with that heavy, heavy bass.  It's almost Eno-esque in its structure, so I'm not going to break each track down here. Stick the whole thing on and experience it's beauty.

The full listening experience will come on a perfectly pressed slab of heavyweight vinyl.




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