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Rob Clouth
Transition Remixes

16 March 2018 / Mesh

  1. 01 Transition (Ben Lukas Boysen Remix)
  2. 02 Silica (Brecon Remix)
  3. 03 Shedding Layers (Max Cooper Remix)
  4. 04 Silica (Chihei Hatakeyama Remix)
Artists: Rob Clouth
Remixers: Max Cooper, Ben Lukas Boysen, Brecon, Chihei Hatakeyama
MESH present the remixes of Rob Clouth’s Transition EP, due 16th March.
Berlin based sound designer Ben Lukas Boysen offers an immersive, glitchy take on ‚Transition’, whilst Brecon presents a steppers remix of ‚Silica’. Max Cooper turns ‘Shedding Layers’ into a funk driven swirl of harmonies, followed by Tokyo sound artist Chihei Hatakeyama’s ethereal ambient take on ‚Silica’. 



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