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Jack Dixon
Those Questions

09 December 2013 / White Asega

  1. A1. Heirloom
  2. A2. Park Row
  3. B1. The Things I Gave You
  4. B2. Heirloom (Skudge Remix)
Remixers: Skudge

Recorded whilst battling insomnia during a cold and bleak Berlin winter, Jack Dixon's new EP finds him channeling the light and the dark of his home city. Inspired by the bygone euphoria of early analogue techno and the harsh industrial landscape outside his window, the three tracks of Those Questions swirl vinyl crackle, ghostly rave vocals and human heartbeats around pounding jackhammer bass, intense drops and intricate house rhythms. The result is a perfect encapsulation of the curses and blessings of a sleepless hibernation. It’s an atmosphere also present in the hazy drones and pulsating sub-bass of Skudge’s exhilarating, analogue remix of Heirloom, the revered Swedish duo tuning down the filters and reinterpreting the track as a ghostly and paranoid low-end basement banger.




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