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Locked Groove
Thesseus EP

26 September 2014 / Permanent Vacation

  1. A1 Thesseus
  2. B1 Meditations in an emergency
  3. B2 Meditations in an emergency (Clockwork Remix)
Artists: Locked Groove
Remixers: Clockwork

For his debut release on Permanent Vacation, Locked Groove continues establishing his typical sound, balancing ethereal house & techno.

The title track, Thesseus, is a stretched out Detroit infused tune with almost hypnotic yet ingenious stabs combined with a strong and moody bassline for which we know the belgian producer best. This is definitely the kind of track that will work well on the floor and next to it.
Meditations in an emergency does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s one of those tunes you put on at the end of the night or when an emergency to meditate presents itself.
In addition to the two originals there’s also an excellent remix of Meditations in an emergency by the italian producer Clockwork. The remix focuses more on the hard edged elements of the original and morphed it into something reminiscent of early 90’s broken beats/ techno.

It’s clear that this Thesseus EP is a powerful extension to Locked Groove’s already impressive discography.




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