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Bloody Mary, Josh Wink , Hardfloor , Alien Rain
The Melting Point Vol.2

06 July 2018 / Dame - Music

  1. A1. Hardfloor - Thisishowwedo

  2. A2. Josh Wink - Dame Deep
  3. B1. Alien Rain - Contact

  4. B2. Bloody Mary - Mono

The Melting Point EP is back on Dame-Music! Following the well-acclaimed Volume 1 last December, which included tracks from KiNK,Thomas P. Heckmann and Bloody Mary, Dame- Music is proud to present Volume 2 of this acid project, this time with label boss Bloody Mary inviting three guests to share the record with her.

The photo used in the artwork for this release was taken in Sydney’s King Cross district in early 2018, and features street art by Owmag.Thanks to this amazing artist for allowing us to use his work.

Once again,The Melting Point concept sees Bloody Mary invite some of her favourite and most well-respected producers to the label with these 4 original tracks.The Melting Point EP Vol. 2 marks the fusion of four renowned producers including Hardfloor, Josh Wink and Alien Rain and Mary herself.

This release is sure to be heard on dancefloors this summer! 4 tracks made by and for acid lovers.

News for The Melting Point Vol.2




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