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Bloody Mary, KiNK, Thomas P. Heckmann
The Melting Point EP

01 December 2017 / Dame - Music

  1. 01. KiNK – Throwing Elbows
  2. 02. Bloody Mary – Chemical Jam
  3. 03. Thomas P. Heckmann – Dames On Acid

The 7 Year Anniversary of Dame-Music continues! Following the well-acclaimed various artists EP earlier this year, which included tracks from Boo Williams, The Analogue Cops and Milton Bradley vs Bloody Mary, Dame-Music is back and proud to present its 36th release, this time inviting two very special guests to share the record with label boss Bloody Mary. 

The Melting Point EP marks the fusion of three renowned producers including KiNK, Thomas P. Heckmann and Bloody Mary. It’s no secret that these three are acid lovers, and their combination on this release shows three different takes on the acid sound. 

Both KiNK and Thomas P. Heckmann need no introduction. Bloody Mary has followed their music for many years and the Melting Point EP marks the coming together of Mary with two of her most respected acid producers, all on the one record. Dame-Music promises all three tracks will damage the dancefloor – each in their own way; just be sure to play them loud. 

Over the past 7 years, Dame-Music has shaped its identity by continuously releasing a distinct blend of techno and house music. 2018 shows no signs of slowing down, stay tuned! 




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