Releases / Singles

Locked Groove, Innershades
The Gate

24 August 2018 / Locked Groove Records

  1. 01 The Gate feat. Innershades
  2. 02 Waiting for the Climax
  3. 03 Drop the Midrange

Continuing the series of acclaimed EPs on his recently relaunched imprint, Locked Groove presents The Gate EP, a three track package paying homage to strands of new beat, rave and jungle that continue to influence his sound. 

Opening the EP is a collaboration with fellow Belgian artist Innershades, who previously released on Crème Organization, Pinkman and Hot Haus Records. ‘The Gate’ is a futuristic swirl of trance and rave references. 

‘Waiting For The Climax’ is an unapologetic new beat throwback to the 1980s Belgian underground. Acid basslines and dark synths swelter inside slow, chugging percussion. 

Raising the tempo to close off the EP, ‘Drop The Midrange’ is a smokey haze of straight up jungle nostalgia. 




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