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Mathew Jonson
The Decompression Remixes

30 June 2017 / Freedom Engine

  1. 01. Ambient Pressure Mix
  2. 02. dB's Raw Edit
  3. 03. Konrad Black's 'Decompresha' Remix
  4. 04. Nathan Jonson's Rewind to 96 mix
Artists: Mathew Jonson
Remixers: dBridge, Konrad Black, Nathan Jonson

Mathew Jonson's “Decompression” was first released on Minus in 2004. To celebrate 13 years since it's release Mathew has commissioned 11 artists to remix this classic split over 4 releases.

The first EP of the series features remixes from dBridge, Konrad Black and Nathan Jonson, each artists contribution provides a fresh approach to a package fuelled by the influence of Drum & Bass.

dBridge steps up for two remixes, the first is warped and deconstructed, the second a high energy Drum & Bass belter. Konrad Black slows things down with a darker groove whilst Nathan Jonson's 'rewind to 96’ utilises rave tropes and chopped vocal samples. 

The package is a magnificent addition to the legacy of ‘Decompression’ and coming next will be remixes from Seth Troxler, Deadbeat, Mike Shannon and Natalia Escobar.

Distributed by wordandsound.




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