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The Dawn

02 June 2017 / Lumière Noire

  1. The Dawn
  2. The Dawn (Dixon Remix)
Artists: Chloé
Remixers: Dixon

Sounding the promise of long days ahead and late nights to follow with its opening salvos, Chloé’s  

'The Dawn' heralds the return of the Paris-based DJ and producer after a 4 year hiatus since her last artist EP on My Favorite Robot Recordings , and a new dawn in her ever-evolving career.

'The Dawn' is the inaugural release on her own label Lumière Noire, which she recently set up having previously used the name for a collection of releases and her infamous Rex Club night, which has become a club house for Parisian electronic music fans since 2014. Operating Lumière Noire as a fully-fledged label will enable Chloé to release a new full-length album (of which 'The Dawn' is the lead single) in the Autumn.

Over the ten-plus minutes of 'The Dawn', a spoken-word track languishes over melodic washes in a dramatic progression that evokes a novel, or noir-ish cinema – a method that the producer has taken a shine to since 'Take Care'. This cultivation of the strange and the beautiful has become her calling card, putting her in a league with likeminded producers, who take the basic tenets of techno and inject them with their own singular poetic visions. A visual-arts analogue could be found in Noémie Goudal’s photographs which grace the EP’s cover as they will Chloé’s other upcoming releases.

This stirring aesthetic gives 'The Dawn' a cerebral dimension, which is taken to new depths with Dixon’s stubbornly technoid remix. Dixon inverts Chloé’s light-drenched, full-bodied production into a tense, captivating chiaroscuro.

Artwork by Dune Lunel

Photography by Noémie Goudal

Tour Dates 

23/04/17 Chloé A la folie Dj Paris 

30/04/17 Chloé Robert Johnson Frankfurt Dj 

07/05/17 Chloé Aeronef Lille Dj 

13/05/17 Chloé Jaeger Oslo Dj 

20/05/17 Chloé Lumiere Noire Party Rex Club Dj // EP The Dawn Release Party

27/05/17 Chloé La Montagne Ajaccio Dj 

03/06/17 Chloé Le Bon:Air Festival Marseille Dj 

04/06/17 Chloé  TBA Berlin Dj   

09/06/27 Chloé Gaité Lyrique Paris Dj 

14/06/17 Chloé  Sonar off  Sala Bikini Dj 

24/06/17 Chloé surréalisme Live Villeneuve d'Asques, LaM - Lille métropole musée d'art moderne, d'art contemporain et d'art brut  

24/06/17 Chloé Closing Inter LGBT Podium Paris Dj

17/07/17 Chloé DC10 Ibiza Dj 

21/07/17 Chloé Schimanski New York Dj 

22/07/17 Chloé  Coda Toronto Dj

23/07/17 Chloé Piknic Electronik Montreal Dj 

04/08/17 Chloé Garbicz Festival Garbicz  Dj 

08/09/17 Chloé Culture Box Copenhagen  Dj 

16/09/17 Chloé Oasis Festival Marrakech Dj  - RA stage 




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