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Test Cut

31 August 2018 / Hotflush Recordings

  1. 01 Test Tubes (Mind Against Celestial Dub)
  2. 02 The Cut (Locked Groove Remix)
  3. 03 Hexagon
  4. 04 Test Tubes (Caibu Adjustment)
Artists: SCB
Remixers: Mind Against, Locked Groove

On the third in the series of remix EPs interpreting SCB’s recent LP Caibu, Mind Against and Locked Groove provide two distinct takes on tracks from the album.

For their Celestial Dub version of ‘Test Tubes’, Mind Against provide a hypnotic roller that slowly builds upon a single motif, gradually introducing ethereal pads to the mix. Locked Groove forges an unnerving atmosphere with his remix of ‘The Cut’, circling around a darkened combination of sombre harmonies and pulsating synths.

A new track from SCB, ‘Hexagon’ is an energetic peak time bomb with dizzying distortions, followed by the glitching melodic lead of album track ‘Test Tubes’.




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