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Techgnosis EP

07 December 2018 / R&S Records

  1. 01. Non-Physical Friend
  2. 02. Axis Mundi
  3. 03. Special Access Programs
  4. 04. Sonnenrad
Artists: Hermetics

Santiago Niño is an accomplished eclectic & conceptual electronic musician originally from Bogota Columbia, but based in Buenos Aires, with a deep discography of releases across a range of genres. The Techgnosis EP follows his debut Hermetics track ‘Collider’ as which impressed on it’s release on R&S founder’s RV Trax imprint in early 2018. Created in a low point following the sale of his professional studio, with the humble means of a laptop, mixer and set of basic monitors the realisation of this music reaffirmed Santiago’s self belief that his talent extended beyond his need for gear.

This EP follows in the same footsteps as ‘Collider’; mesmeric, pulsing techno with a rich musicality. Equally important to Santiago is his love of the visual arts: "This project has a really important connection with the audiovisual work, which i want to keep up, because i love cinema, i love the audiovisual arts, the abstract, experimental and poetic side of it, and thats why i always want to give that cinematic feel to my music.

Hand picked by Renaat Vandepapeliere to step up from the RV Trax series to a full R&S EP this is just the start for the Hermetics project.




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