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Take Your Body Off

17 February 2014 / Perc Trax

  1. Take Your Body Off
Artists: Perc

Before Perc’s eagerly awaited second album ‘The Power And The Glory’ is promo’d in full Perc Trax is sending out the album’s centre point to a select group of key DJs and supporters. ‘Take Your Body Off’ is the album’s most focused club track and has already been road-tested by Perc across Europe at gigs ranging from small basement clubs to 5,000 strong festival crowds.

Built upon a foundation of stabbing kick drums, rolling triplet snare patterns and a wall of sub bass, the track is completed by the vocals of Dan Chandler of London noise rock outfit Dethscalator. The piercing, guttural vocals, more akin to the short sharp shock of a metal performance provide the kind of sonic jolt techno used to trade in, yet which is rarely heard these days, completing the kind of distinctive statement that Perc has made a habit of delivering throughout his career.




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