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Tailored Mega Mix 2015

31 December 2015 / R&S Records, Exone, Hessle Audio, Time To Express, Ghostly International, R'COUP'D, Abstract Architecture, Inflamable, Stil vor Talent , Leisure System, Life and Death, Perc Trax, Itiswhatitis Recordings, Midnight Shift, Hauntologists, 3rd & Debut Records , This Is It Forever, Die Orakel, Hot Gem Tunes, Kynant

So we reach the end of another year - hope it's been a good one for you. As always, we'd like to express our thanks to you the only way how... Music, and lots of it. Our mega mix features just a few of our favourites of the year, enjoy it as you cosy up with your loved ones on these dark winter nights and slide happily into 2016.

It’s with great pleasure we bring to you a selection of ambient hits, bass explosions, techno tearaways and nu-retro re-imaginings all on one glorious seasonal mix.

Thanks for all your support in 2015, best wishes for the year ahead.

Guten rutsch!

1. Synkro  - Shoreline / R&S

2. worriedaboutsatan - Sleep Of The Foolish / This Is It Forever

3. Rob Clouth - Cracks in the Firmament / Leisure System

4. Okraa - Vultur (Prequel Tapes Remix) / Hot Gem Tunes

5. Perc - Gruel / Perc Trax

6. Sunset Graves - The End In People / 3rd & Debut

7. Satoshi Tomiie - Cucina Rossa / Abstract Architecture

8. HVOB - Tender Skin (DJ Tennis Remix) / Stil Vor Talent

9. John Heckle - Wet Noises (Tapirus Remix) / Midnight Shift

10. Peter Van Hoesen - Seventy Secrets / Time To Express

11. Pearson Sound - Glass Eye / Hessle Audio

12. Tale Of Us - North Star / R&S

13. Exercise One - Snowblind / Exone

14. Max Durante - Biocentrism (Donato Dozzy Remix) / Kynant Records

15. Cobblestone Jazz - Northern Lights / Itiswhatitis Recordings

16. Prequel Tapes - Inner Systems / R´COUP´D

17. SP-X - Fleeting Image / Time To Express

18. Hauntologists - Brooklyn / Hauntologists

19. Locked Groove -Eleven / Life And Death

20. Matrixxman - Agumented / Ghostly International

21. Jaures - Silence (After Death) / Die Orakel

22. DJ Cam - In The Air Tonight feat. Earl Davis / Inflamable Records




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