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14 September 2018 / DIRT TECH RECK

  1. A1. Strength feat. Ideeyah (Original Mix)

  2. A2. Strength feat. Ideeyah (Waajeed’s String Mix)

  3. B1. Strength feat. Ideeyah (Jay Daniel Remix)

  4. B2. Strength feat. Ideeyah (Jon Dixon Remix)

Artists: Waajeed
Remixers: Jay Daniel, Jon Dixon

Waajeed is proud to present ‘Strength’, a cathartic EP due September 14th on his own imprint, DIRT TECH RECK. For this four- track package he’s enrolled three Detroit natives to collaborate; Ideeyah provides soulful vocals whilst Jon Dixon and Jay Daniel offer two diverse remixes. A Detroit dream team, if you will.

Title track is a radiant, melodic groover that looks to the sky for inspiration. Ideeyah’s lyrics battle with self-doubt, searching for solace in the harmonies around them, yet her vocals exude pure power. For his own ‘String Mix’, Waajeed elevates the delicate sentiment of the original to a sun-drenched dose of uplifting house.

Watusi High label boss Jay Daniel sculpts a half-time stepper for his remix, slowing things down to wander amidst glitchy cascades and soothing pads. Closing off the EP, multi-instrumentalist Jon Dixon - who has played alongside many Detroit legends - reformulates the framework of the original, applying subtle alterations and extended melodic jams to a stripped back roller.

Additionally Waajeed will perform across 16 dates for an extended tour between August and October this year, including shows at the legendary Sub Club in Glasgow and Movement Festival Torino. 




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