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Monoloc, Beauty of Inconsequenz
Storyline EP

30 March 2018 / Unterland

  1. 01 Nervous System
  2. 02 Gentle Shift
  3. 03 Flowing
  4. 04 Thrilling
  5. 05 Nylon
  6. 06 Unterhalb
  7. 07 Planet Dagobah
  8. 08 Baum der Erlösung

Sascha Borchardt (a.k.a Monoloc) inaugurates his Unterland imprint with a new EP.

The label serves as a vehicle through which the German producer takes a step away from the club environment by presenting new sonic interpretations, including experimental, minimalist, and atmospheric sentiments. Material will come from Monoloc and friends focussing on “dramatic” sounds with drone and noise influences. Think movie soundtracks and film music, albeit with both feet planted in the electronic genre. Each release will aim to “tell a story” through 8 to 10 productions.

Unterland will launch in late March 2018 with a collaborative EP by Monoloc and Beauty of Inconsequenz, a yet unheard project with no previous recording history. All eight tracks are based heavily on field recordings; the sound is dark and deeply atmospheric with dubstep influences. Distanced somewhat from the 4/4 format, the tracks are cerebral and hypnotic.

From there on, there will be 3-4 releases per year, each of which will be accompanied by high quality artwork as curated by Borchardt, who will work closely with selected photographers and artists to provide imagery that aesthetically compliments the music.

All releases will be distributed by Kompakt in digital and vinyl formats.




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