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Nathan Surreal
Star Dust EP (Adesse Versions & Neville Watson Remixes)

24 March 2017 / Biologic Records

  1. 01. Star Dust
  2. 02. Human Music
  3. 03. Star Dust (Neville Watson Remix)
  4. 04. Star Dust (Adesse Versions Remix)
  5. 05. $$$
Artists: Nathan Surreal
Dutch producer Nathan Surreal debuts on Biologic Records with ‘Star Dust’ featuring remixes from Adesse Versions who has previous releases on Numbers, Nocturne and Prime Numbers, and Neville Watson, British producer and frequent KiNK collaborator. Exploring abstract, ‘surreal’ and melodic electronic sounds, Nathan is a perfect addition to the Biologic roster. Appearing on a host of underground labels since 2014, Nathan is set to make a breakthrough with ‘Star Dust'.

Balancing on the edge of reality and pushing further into the abstract and surreal worlds ‘Star Dust’ unfolds through waving synths and dubby bass lines. Next up ‘Human Music’ has a more minimal introduction, building in intensity as the synths swell until finally the melody drops, maintaining the dreamy top line that Nathan is so adept at maintaining.

Neville Watson provides the first remix on the EP, he adds reverb to the vocal, amplifying its effect on the track. ‘Star Dust’ is intensified, perfect for late night, or early morning, dance floors. Addesse Version’s remix of ’Star Dust’ is a twisted acid remake, a left-field and off kilter beat is slowed down to a psychedelic swirl, pulsating throughout the track. Digital only, ’$$$’ is a darker track, the bassline punchier and driving acid-tinged synths create a dance-floor ready record.

News for Star Dust EP (Adesse Versions & Neville Watson Remixes)




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