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Mr. C
Stand Up

03 April 2017 / Superfreq

  1. 01 Stand Up Radio Mix
  2. 02 Stand Up Club Dub Mix
  3. 03 Stand Up (Jay Haze Remix)
  4. 04 Stand Up (Jay Tripwire Remix)
  5. 05 Stand Up (Omid 16B Remix)
Artists: Mr. C

Superfreq kicks off the New Year with ‘Stand Up’, the first of 3 singles from Mr. C’s forthcoming album ‘Incidents’. ‘Stand up’ is a politically motivated, rebellious song taking issue with the way nightclubs the world over have been closed down due to the financial greed of property developers & local councils at the expense of our beloved dance music community. This is an issue that’s been ongoing for some years now & this track is a call for the dance music community to stand up & unite against the continued aggressive affront on electronic dance music culture.

Opening with Mr.C’s Radio Mix, a full vocal dynamic arrangement grips you from the offset taking influences from Ska, Old School Electro & Acid House with his punk influenced vocal delivery supplying pure energy. Next up is Mr.C’s Club Dub Mix, which extends the song, dropping out the verse vocals & adding in plenty of acid. The Jay Haze Remix stucks to the original 114 BPM tempo to deliver a deep down & dirty acid remix. Jay Tripwire’s Remix is a modern acid house rework that’s sure to set dance floors alight & the single is completed by Omid 16B’s retro 88 style acid house version that is pure energy.

Mr. C’s new album ‘Incidents’ comes after a run of recent releases on the Save Fabric album,  Alola Records & Jack Trax. He’s delved deep into his musical psyche to deliver an acid master class that’s influenced by Ska, Dub, Old School Electro, Italo Disco, Acid House & Tech House, essentially bringing his roots up to date with a massive modern production. ‘Incidents’ is about things that can happen while clubbing and, of course, features Mr.C’s spiritual overtones.  The artwork is by Pilar Zeta.

Where to begin with a prolific talent like Richard West, aka Mr. C. He’s an icon of the British acid house movement, a DJ, producer, song-writer, MC, actor, presenter and Buddhist meditation teacher. He’s probably best known as the frontman of The Shamen whose worldwide hit & British #1 ‘Ebeneezer Goode’ propelled acid house and rave into the mainstream pop consciousness in ’92, led to a double platinum album ‘Boss Drum’ and snagged them a coveted Ivor Novello award for songwriter of the year. Richard was at the forefront of rave culture from the late 80s, MCing in clubs, on radio and records. He began DJing in ’87 and has organised, promoted and held residencies at seminal London club nights like Fantasy, Base, Harmony and Subterrain. Through his residency for the legendary RIP parties at Clink Street, he was at the forefront of the birth of rave culture as we know it, with the club serving as a blueprint for all the London raves that followed from ’88 to ’90.  His production alias’s are numerous and his first label Plink Plonk a guiding light of British 90s techno.

In 1995 Mr. C opened influential London club The End (and AKA) which completely transformed London clubland over the next 15 years. Together with his partner at The End, Layo Paskin, he ran End Recordings - home to many classic underground tracks and artists of the period, including Layo & Bushwacka’s crossover hits before signing with XL and Mr. C’s collaborations with Robert Owens. Since the closing chapter of The End, Richard has concentrated on his Superfreq events (which began at The End in 2002) and label - transforming them into a global network of parties at some of the best clubs on the planet. It’s with Superfreq where Mr. C’s long-held view of club culture becomes clear - that music and parties celebrate life, providing a platform for good people to make new friends and experience the very best cutting-edge music in a way that’s more than a little bit naughty, playful and fun.




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