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Hammer, Atlus

08 April 2019 / Sulta Selects Silver Service

  1. A. Hammer - Dance Since
  2. B. Atlus - Angus
Artists: Hammer Atlus

Denis Sulta’s Silver Service imprint - an offshoot of Sulta Selects - present SSSS-3, a two-track collaborative package from the inimitable Hammer and Atlus, Denis’ own darker alias.

Taking reign over the A-side, Belfast export Hammer brandishes a weighty dose of low-slung, swollen bass and disorienting vocal stabs on ‘Dance Since’. Using a palette of cathartic 90s house vocals he morphs their energy into something far more twisted.

For the B-side, Atlus forges an equally hefty fusion of raw percussion and swirling vocals, spun round by a dizzying acid bass lead.

Wasting no time in heading straight to the dancefloor, SSSS3 sees two esteemed characters doing what they do best.




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