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A Smaller Divide

24 February 2014 / Archives Intérieures

Sendai, the collaborative project of Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen, release their second album on Archives Intérieures.

A Smaller Divide is the result of six months of intense remote collaboration between both artists. Ideas were shot back and forth between Antwerp and Berlin, slowly fusing into a coherent whole. Some of the tracks were born out of occasional real life meetings resulting in impromptu jam sessions. The album presents both approaches and indicates a fresh intention to take things further. It forms a logical progression to 2012’s Geotope, using different musical colours within similar structures. A Smaller Divide articulates a willingness to open up the previous sound canvas, while at the same time remaining uncompromisingly radical in terms of execution and structure.


About Sendai:

Sendai is the collaborative project by Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen. Both artists are longtime friends and share a deep passion for exploring the outer limits of the electronic music spectrum. Sendai combines De Mey's skillful extraction of deep and dynamic sounds from his modular synthesizer system with Van Hoesen's keen sense of digital composition and sound design.

About Archives Intérieures:

Archives Intérieures is a label founded in 2013 by Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen. It serves as the main outlet for the duo's more experimental interests.

Artwork and sleeve design by Nathalie Kronal.




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