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DJ Sprinkles , Hardrock Striker

13 July 2018 / Skylax Records

  1. 01 Lauer - Bigs
  2. 02 Octo Octa - Running
  3. 03 Violence FM & The Underground Soulsavers - Soleil Mauve

Celebrating two decades of SKYLAX RECORDS, label-head Hardrock Striker teams up with long time friend and music partner DJ Sprinkles, under their new project name SKYLAX HOUSE EXPLOSION (S.H.E.). Forming a template for their future musical projects, they present a large compilation that features a mix CD accompanied by three vinyl releases comprised of unreleased music personally curated by S.H.E.

As with each of the vinyl EPs, they make reference to a particular space as it pertains to the formulation of house music. Under The Ballroom is of particular resonance to DJ Sprinkles who, in the early 90s, started out in transsexual sex worker clubs like Sally’s II – where she won an underground grammy for Best DJ 1991 - that were centres for the drag queen ballroom culture that originated in New York City.

As with the two EPs before it, Under The Ballroom features tracks personally curated by DJ Sprinkles and Hardrock Striker. Populating the A side is one half of Tuff City Kids, Lauer, who’s catalogued leanings towards more 80s dance music sounds are nearly as old as the SKYLAX label itself. On Bigs, Lauer picks out sounds associated with the earlier era of house music with bass tones from older machines, manifesting themselves comfortably within the context of Paradise Garage, The Loft and The Ballrooms of NYC; which cumulatively, span the decades between the 70s and 90s.

He is joined by 100% Silk Alumni and recent SKYLAX RECORDS signee - and DJ Sprinkles fangirl - Octo Octa, who presents Running, a piece full of what are slowly becoming the signature house sounds of the Brooklyn-based producer; pitched vocals and machine noises that ally with some of her tastes for deep textures, drawing from house as well as her love for drum and bass.

Taking up the entire B-side with Soleil Mauve is Violence FM & The Underground Soulsavers, who are making their production debut under this moniker (Vioence FM has already signed two EPs with the label) as part of the 20 Years of SKYLAX Compilation. Lengthy and saturated in a sparse sewing of jarring vocals, Soleil Mauve is an obvious pick for DJ Sprinkles; utilising it at the end of her mix on Disc 1 of the compilation’s CD.

Under The Ballroom makes up the final piece of the SKYLAX RECORDS 20 Years Compilation, but sets a precedent for future projects presented by SKYLAX HOUSE EXPLOSION.

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