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24 March 2017 / Tragen

  1. The Blame Game
  2. Glimmer
  3. Torrid Soul
  4. Disguise
  5. Astra
  6. Deus
  7. Hands Away
Artists: HVOB

Silk: HVOB release new album

Electronic duo HVOB's third album is a collaboration with Winston Marshall.
It is due for release on March 24, 2017.

HVOB's second album Trialog (2015) was accompanied by a succession of international dates and sell-out performances on all six continents – including Burning Man Festival, Womb in Tokyo, the Great Wall of China, Melbourne Music Week and their own Boiler Room event in Vienna.
The producer duo are now set to release their third album; Silk. It is due out in March 2017 and the first single, The Blame Game, on February 3. 

This is the first time HVOB have collaborated on an album: Paul Wallner and Anna Müller have written and produced the songs on Silk together with Winston Marshall, and the result of the collaboration with the London-based artist is a new and dark HVOB sound.

The collaboration goes beyond production of the new album to include a joint tour: starting in April, HVOB and Winston Marshall will be taking their own light and visual show to 15 European cities. 

Silk is the first album to be released on HVOB's own new label Tragen Records.

Silk US tour is planned for autumn 2017.

11.04. Salzburg / Rockhouse

12.04. Zurich / Dynamo

14.04. Paris / Nouveau Casino

15.04. Amsterdam / DGTL Festival

16.04. Brussels / Ancienne Belgique

18.04. Hamburg / Übel und Gefährlich

20.04. Berlin / Astra

21.04. Vienna / Arena

22.04. Brno / Fleda

23.04. Warsaw / Smolna

25.04. Prague / Roxy

26.04. Cologne / CBE

27.04. London / Oval Space

29.04. Budapest / Akvarium

30.04. Munich / Backstage Werk




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