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Signs Of Change EP

02 December 2016 / Just This

  1. A1. Signs Of Change
  2. A2. Distance
  3. B1. Signs Of Change (Luke Hess Interpretation)
  4. B2. Signs Of Change (Kelpe Remix)
Artists: Landside
Remixers: Luke Hess, Kelpe

Signs of Change is the fourth chapter of Landside’s journey through a diverse sonic research that crosses between industrial, ambient and whirling melodies, accompanied by a crescendo of sonorities that embraces you. 

Distance is a throwback voyage in a melodious orchestra of ethnic sonorities that will elevate you to a new dimension.

Luke Hess’s interpretation is a late night bounce: dub techno that hypnotises you with its hazy yet enthralling use of vocals.

Kelpe Remix is a deep and intense dreamlike hazy trip, accompanied by trippy melodies that melts with the vocals from the original.




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