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Bartellow, DJ Ground
Shiroi Uma EP

28 April 2017 / SVS Records

  1. 01. Heza
  2. 02. Shiroi Uma
  3. 03. The Beginning
Artists: Bartellow DJ Ground

Last years SVS residency took place in Budapest at 4DSOUND's 'Spatial Sound Institute', where SVS artists from LA, NY, Osaka, Seoul, Berlin, London,Tel Aviv and Munich worked for 10 days preparing a showcase on the 4DSOUND system.

During rehersals for the Showcase, Bartellow alias Beni Brachtel met Gr◯un⼟ alias Daichi Furukawa for the first time in the Studio. Three tracks just appeared out of nowhere. Not a single obstacle in the way of the production. During three long nightshifts, the tracks emerged out of a continuous great vibe. Always joined by several artists from the SVS family, it became the soundtrack for a very special event. Beni San and Daichi San will play a release tour through Japan in April.

The vinyl comes with a 24"x36" poster. Artwork by Paul Putzar & Alexander Dückminor




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