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Prequel Tapes

29 September 2017 / Midnight Shift

  1. A1. The Stream
  2. A2. The Stream (lock groove #1)
  3. A3. The Stream (lock groove #2)
  4. B1. My Favourit Thing
  5. B2. Slow Move
Artists: Prequel Tapes

Following the release of his singular debut album ‘Inner Systems’, the mysterious Prequel Tapes emerges from the shadows with an EP for Midnight Shift.

Composed of 3 tracks and 2 lock grooves, SHIFT LTD 003 fossilises transient moments in between gridlocks of tight grooves. Memory capsules slow-releasing an industrial mythos back into the clubbing consciousness. Like a scan of light sweeping surreptitiously across a dungeon of darkness or a blinking throb pulsating in the corner of one’s eye, these are the brief but blinding moments of illumination that capture time suspended on the edge of two worlds. 




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