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Julien H Mulder / Recondite
Shift 003

17 June 2013 / Midnight Shift

  1. A1. Recondite - Borderline
  2. A2. Recondite - Stomper
  3. B1. Julien H Mulder - Won’t Say Nothing
  4. B2. Julien H Mulder - Old Rutins
Artists: Recondite

A techno shift, Midnight Shift’s third release sees Recondite on his upward trajectory pair up with the relatively reserved Julien H Mulder. Both outputs possess a stripped down aesthetic, but while the former revels in the straight and shiny, the latter brings a touch of lightness and play. A tightly packed, hardworking 4-track EP that will serve the many moods of a DJ well.

Formerly from Bavaria and now based in Berlin, Recondite crafts ‘Borderline’, a track that broods in shimmery afterdark punch, such as with the last bright rays of an inevitably waning sun. ‘Stomper’ does not have to go on too long to make a point. It is a moody, melancholic, almost lovesick trudge topped off with restless hi hats.
Accomplished in ambient space music, Julien H Mulder has been producing music since the 90s. To him, simplicity is best. The Stockholm resident’s ‘Won’t Say Nothing’ is a lightly drenched sigh paired with broken beat while ‘Old Rutins’ is a bassline-led kicker soon to run amok in dancefloors. They hint at what is to come with his forthcoming full EP on Midnight Shift.

Recondite will make his Singapore debut for the Midnight Shift Label Showcase at kyō ( on 4 May 2013.




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