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She Thought She Would Last Forever Remixed

14 November 2016 / Biologic Records

  1. A1. An Error Occurred (Tuff City Kids Remix)
  2. A2. An Error Occurred (Kasper Bjørke Stripped Down Rework)
  3. A3. An Error Occurred (Vessels Remix)
  4. B1. She Thought She Would Last Forever (Clarian Remix)
  5. B2. Spazieren (Conforce Remix)
  6. C1. Spazieren (Mattheis Remix)
  7. C2. Spazieren (Ripperton Remix)
  8. D1. Spazieren (INIT Remix)
  9. D2. Rinjani (Eduardo De La Calle Remix)
  10. D3. Dystopia (Cleveland Remix)
Artists: Abstraxion
Remixers: Tuff City Kids, Kasper Bjørke, Vessels, Clarian, Conforce, Mattheis, Rippperton, INIT, Eduardo De La Calle, Cleveland
Abstraxion aka Harold Boué is deeply entrenched in all facets of music, from running a ten-year label to curating a bi-monthly event series in Marseille with a variety of guests such as John Talabot, Axel Boman and Roman Flügel. Harold’s display of musical diversity, evident during his performances in some of the world’s best clubs, coupled with his innate ability to form a pensive beauty in his productions, forges a reputation that glides effortlessly as both an accomplished producer and DJ.

Following up on the second full length ‘She Thought She Would Last Forever’ and closing off his ‘Spazieren' remix EP, the series is completed with a remix album delivered by heavyweights, illustrating Abstraxion’s influences: bassline driven technoids administered by Tuff City Kids and frequent collaborator Kasper Bjørke, dubby abstract re-takes from Clarian, Conforce, INIT and Spanish sonic machine, Eduardo De La Calle and melodic aesthetics designed by Vessels, Mattheis and Swiss melancholic legend, Ripperton. The package closes off elegantly with a delicate drum re-construction from Cleveland.



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