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Peter Van Hoesen
Seventy Secrets

02 March 2015 / Time To Express

  1. 1. Seventy Secrets
  2. 2. Protagonist
  3. 3. Shadow Ground
  4. 4. Drift
  5. 5. Swerve Damiao
Artists: Peter Van Hoesen

Time To Express label owner Peter Van Hoesen presents the first release on the label for 2015.

Seventy Secrets contains five forward-thinking tracks, presenting the Belgian's perpetually evolving signature techno sound. The title tune Seventy Secrets was originally composed as the opening track for Van Hoesen's set at Labyrinth 2014. Its ambient, emotional vibe opens the release with an air of drama. From there on the tempo is increased steadily. The four techno tracks take the listener into different spaces, ranging from loopy percussiveness (Protagonist) to deep and swooning techno-funk (Swerve Damiao).




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