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12 May 2017 / Enchufada

  1. 01. Boing (feat. Nané)
  2. 02. Sentah (feat. Bryte)
  3. 03. Ringtone Riddim (feat. Gafacci)
  4. 04. Circles (feat. Lorenzo BITW)
  5. 05. Only (feat. Cratus)
Artists: Mina

One of the UK’s most promising new producers is back after the release of her 2016 single ‘Kabala’, confirming FACT’s expectations when they named her one of the ’10 Club Producers to Watch in 2016’ as the global-minded artist is ready to keep raising the stakes with her first fullfledged EP ‘Sentah’.  

Inspired by her travels in Ghana, where she met and recorded with stand-out local MCs and producers Bryte, Gafacci and Cratus, as well as the more tropical side of the UK music scene where she found Peruvian vocalist Nané and Italian producer Lorenzo BITW, ‘Sentah’ is Mina’s love letter to afrobeats, dancehall, UK funky and all kinds of syncopated rhythms from some of the warmest places in the globe. If ‘Kabala’s sunny melodies and compelling rhythms were any indication of the sheer potential of this up-and-coming producer, ‘Sentah’ is here to confirm Mina’s place on top of the global club music food chain as she teams up with a host of collaborators from around the world to shape her musical vision. 

From the energizing beats and Spanish vocals of Boing (feat. Nané), to the lively rhythm of the marimba-heavy title track Sentah (feat. Bryte), the slinky hypnotizing melodies of Ringtone Riddim (feat. Gafacci), the dancefloor-focused energy of Circles (feat. Lorenzo BITW) and the slowed-down Caribbean flex of Only (feat. Cratus), in her latest release Mina leads us on a vibrant journey through the most exciting and melodic corners of the global club music universe.




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