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19 March 2019 / Steel City Dance Discs

  1. A1. Borderwalk
  2. A2. Freeze
  3. B1. 31 Seconds
Artists: Maruwa

Hailing from Saint-Petersburg — the rave capital of Russia as they referred to in the 90’s — Maruwa is an upcoming DJ and producer that fuses many of her musical influences.  

Being a classically trained pianist and a child of the 90’s / 00’s, Maruwa's productions link emotional impressionism and IDM atmospherics with tropes of breakbeat hardcore and rawness of dancefloor oriented house. 

SCDD010 sees her skilfully blend these different sonic palettes to create a three-track EP which combines raucous breakbeat patterns, bouncing bass and melodic acid synths to scintillating effect. 




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