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DJ Seinfeld
Sakura EP

13 April 2018 / Deep Sea Frequency

  1. 1 Sakura
  2. 2 Sagrada
  3. 3 Belvedere
  4. 4 Battery
Artists: DJ Seinfeld

DJ Seinfeld presents an immersive EP exploring the balance between fragility and force. Sakura EP is out on Deep Sea Frequency in April.

The four tracks draw from a multitude of influences. Breaks, electro, dub and trance elements band together with a familiar lo-fi approach where distortion acts as an instrument of its own.

Title track Sakura is a subaquatic dose of old school electro with swollen bass and fuzzy harmonics. Sagrada brandishes swirling melodies with layers of detail whilst Belvedere uses looped breaks and a sub-driven bassline to build animated funk. Battery rounds out the EP playing with delicate melodic inflections over a cavernous low end.




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