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Hound Scales
Sabbath Lillie Hawks

10 February 2014 / White Asega

  1. A1. Odile
  2. A2. Howard Hughesian
  3. B1. Thinner
  4. B2. Thinner (Forward Strategy Group)
Artists: Hound Scales
Remixers: Forward Strategy Group

Following acclaimed releases on his own Fifth Wall imprint (Resident Advisor's label of the month December 2013), Brooklyn producer Hound Scales makes his White Asega debut with three gritty and hypnotic cuts of smokestack rave.

Named for the perverted preacher’s daughter in Flannery O'Connor’s Wise Blood, Sabbath Lillie Hawks continues the artist’s exploration into the darker midnight reaches of house and techno, finding influence in African rhythms, chugging train lines, Kate Bush and UK Jungle. The result is “a soundtrack to blood soaked progress and confused futurism" where fractured warehouse grooves tug and tussle with pummeling piston kicks, abstract vocal edits and howling synths, marking a fierce statement of intent from an important new name in electronic music.

Pioneering UK duo Forward Strategy Group up the tempo with their sci-fi tinged remix of Thinner, blurring the harsher edges and warping the dark textures into a breathless and bassy synth-led killer.

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Artist Statement

Upon initial interaction with Sabbath Lillie Hawks, you would think she is a dedicated woman of god. If you’re fortunate/unfortunate enough to be initiated into her life, you’ll soon find it is nothing but a façade, one which she uses to mask the common depravity of her basic human needs.

Odile is a French woman alone in Africa. Sonically, you can hear the jungle influence which runs through a lot of my tunes, but it stands out from the rest of my output due to the uncharacteristic presence of lush chords hovering over the top of the production. I made this song directly after watching and subsequently listening to the score of the film 'Nowhere in Africa,' in which African rhythms were buried under powerful operatic compositions. This captivating contrast was something I wanted to channel inside Odile.

Howard Hughesian is the price I pay on a daily basis to be a comfortable American artist. The chugging train lines and the frantic chopping of wood, it’s the soundtrack to blood soaked progress and confused futurism. Similar to William Klein’s thoughts on the American metropolis, I think you must love the weight of the city in order to properly critique it.
Thinner came about after deciding that something like Delius by Kate Bush would sound great if it were assembled of harmonies and rhythms distilled from dirt covered dog growls. Dj Bela Tarr. As it came along it sounded more and more ritualistic, and I couldn't shake the image of women dancing around a fire, licking their lips with elongated tongues, anticipating what ever was roasting on the spite in front of them.

RIP Borgia Ginz.




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