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Max Cooper
Rule 110

09 August 2018 / Mesh

  1. 01 Rule 110
  2. 02 Rule 110 (Radio Edit)
Artists: Max Cooper
Using his familiarly rich textural palette, this time with a hint of post-pop, Max Cooper presents a glistening trip through expansive pads and glitching vocal refrains on 'Rule 110'. 

The track is a score to an accompanying video project by Raven Kwok which shows Rule 110, the algorithm, in action. This algorithm reveals fundamental aesthetics of a thinking machine, and is one chapter from the story of One Hundred Billion Sparks, an audio-visual project about the mind.

Max said, "I have a childhood love of 80's synth music, so when I decided to use Wolfram's cellular automata Rule 110 to tell part of the visual story, I immediately thought of big gated-reverb snares and classic synths, because the system spits out something akin to Tetris. The interesting thing is though, it's showing something much deeper. It's the simplest way I know of to visually represent "Turing completeness", which gives us a little peak into the artistry of thinking machines. The result is never entirely predictable, neither dominated by order or chaos, but with form."



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