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Tommy Holohan
Ros Eó

14 July 2018 / Civil Disobedience

  1. 01. Martello
  2. 02. Seamos Gaf (Back To When I Wasn't Born Mix)
  3. 03. South Beach Burnin Bins'
  4. 04. Remaining Rogerstown
Artists: Tommy Holohan

Officially introducing Tommy Holohan to Civil Disobedience and his forthcoming release, Ros Eó, a four track EP impassioned with profoundness and explosive in its sound.  All four tracks are original productions from Tommy who takes us on a fun, adrenaline-fuelled, reminiscent journey of his youth, from hang out to hang out, in Rush, Dublin.  You can literally hear the firework wars down the local golf course pump through the EP like an undercurrent of unruly teen spirit that should forever be celebrated in the name of RAVE!  This is Tommy’s first solo EP , something tells us it won’t be his last.




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