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Locked Groove

16 January 2012 / Hotflush Recordings

  1. A1. Rooted
  2. B1. Drowning
  3. B2. Change
Artists: Locked Groove

Hotflush Recordings present the debut 12" from Belgian newcomer Locked Groove aka Tim Van de Meutter. The young producer delivers three hypnotizing and genre bending tracks that expertly weave the sounds of Berghain, soulful house and UK garage into a single crushing package. Rooted EP draws you in with the title track, bouncing along to an acid baseline, then moves onto Drowning, a moody techno track that was included on Scuba’s DJ Kicks mix compilation, filled with drum and ambient samples taken from field recordings. Lastly, Change, a production that smartly melds classic house grooves with industrial techno, demonstrates Locked Groove's rhythmic finesse and long-term promise as an artist.




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