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Mr. C
Ripple Effect

04 September 2017 / Superfreq

  1. A1. Ripple Effect (Marc Houle Remix)
  2. A2. Ripple Effect (Noël Jackson Remix)
  3. AA. Ripple Effect (Chloé Remix)
  4. Digital Only. Ripple Effect (Noël Jackson 108BPM Remix)
Artists: Mr. C
Remixers: Marc Houle, Noël Jackson, Chloé

Following on from Mr.C’s “Stand Up” single & full length Incidents album comes the second single entitled “Ripple Effect”, which comes with 4 stunning remixes.

The single kicks off with a remix from M_nus, Items & Things and Innervisions man Marc Houle and in typical fashion is a wonderful slice of electronic techno.  With a funky bass-line, tight rubber beats & atmospheric effects, Houle deftly works around the original 303 acid line.

Next Superfreq artist Noël Jackson ups the tempo, reworks the bass-line, pads and effects of the original into a real Detroit workout that’s an immediate dancefloor winner.

Rounding out the vinyl release, France’s Chloé again uses the original parts to perfect effect to take her mix deeper. The bass-line has the most infectious bounce, which makes this remix perfect for either late night, heads down darkness or peak time action.

For those who prefer the digital format, lastly Noël Jackson delivers a second remix as a digital bonus track that seriously drops the tempo yet retains all the sensibilities of the original to create a deep & lush percussive soundscape.




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