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Rendition of You

24 February 2017 / Hotflush Recordings

  1. A1. A Little
  2. A2. Let's Take Off My Hair
  3. A3. Time
  4. B1. Me
  5. B2. Dream
  6. B3. Sleep
Artists: Blursome
Hotflush welcome Lara Wehbie aka Blursome to the ranks with her debut EP “Rendition of You”. Raised in North Carolina and currently residing in Brooklyn, Wehbie has come a long way since beginning to work on music in 2011 as a way of channeling her diagnosed depression and anxiety. 

She describes her work as a transitional darkness, something she says defined her sound even before she could manage the software she uses to make it. In her own words, “Rendition of You EP signifies major transitions in my life over the past year and how my environment truly played a role in handling situations. It's a testament to how much happier I am now than I used to be. I still struggle but I'm truly thankful for the influences I have around me that have made me a better individual and artist.” Along the way she has attended the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in 2015, and after an appearance on Scuba's 2016 fabric mix, she debuts on the label with an experimental six track EP.

Side A of "Rendition of You" introduces listeners to her experimental use of vocals and heavy percussive influences from the left field genre. Side B dives straight into dance floor material with pounding kicks and interjecting vocals, but then slowly winds down into a more melancholic ending with piercing synths rattling through to the last drop. 



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