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Synkro, Arovane
Refractive (Index)

29 June 2018 / Apollo Recordings

  1. 1. New Dawn
  2. 2. Facing North 

  3. 3. Rhizome
  4. 4. Aspen
Artists: Synkro Arovane

Synkro AKA Joe McBride teams up with veteran Arovane AKA Uwe Zahn for a sublime collaborative EP on Apollo. ‘ Refractive (Index)’ sees the duo exploring their shared love of broken beats and dreamy soundscapes.

The pair are also connected through their affection for Yamaha’s venerable handheld sequencer, the QY700 (also a favourite of dutch lo-fi house master Legowelt)

Arovane a long time stalwart of the acclaimed City Centre Offices imprint explains: "Everything started with a detail in an interview with Joe that grabbed my attention. I spotted a QY700 sequencer from yamaha on one photo. I used this piece of gear for decades to sequence all of my hardware and to produce my music. It’s part of my trademark sound of rhythm programming."

One of the factors that makes the QY700 beloved is it’s ability to change parameters in realtime to shuffle, shift, expand or compress the timing of each pattern independently. It’s touch can be felt throughout the oscillating rhythmic figures that wend through the gauzy pads and drifting melodies.

"We share the same wavelength when it come to breakbeats, musical taste and melodies,” Arovane continues “This EP is the beginning of something special!"




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