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Locked Groove
Progression EP

06 April 2018 / Just This

  1. 01 Progression
  2. 02 The Come Up
  3. 03 The Come Up (Prequel Tapes Going Up Mix)
  4. 04 The Come Up (Prequel Tapes Going Down Mix)
Artists: Locked Groove

After relaunching his own label in January, Locked Groove debuts with a four-track package, including two remixes by the elusive Prequel Tapes, on the Milan based imprint Just This. 

On the title track ‚Progression’, the Belgian pairs darting triplets and wobbling sub bass with sparse melodies, allowing each element to wander through vast spaces over seven entrancing minutes. ‘The Come Up’ is more subdued and a nod to the 90’s with broken beats and fragmented synths.

Prequel Tapes provides two distinct treatments of ‘The Come Up’. The ‘Going Up Mix’ builds an intense energy with swirling filters and engulfing soundscapes, raising the tempo of the original whilst retaining its delicate ambience. Conversely, the ‘Going Down Mix’ deconstructs each motif to form a hazy composition where disparate notions drift towards each other. 




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