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Principleasure III

19 February 2018 / Principleasure

  1. 1. Flux Jab
  2. 2. Komply
  3. 3. Enigma Variation
  4. 4. Sylmar
Artists: Principleasure
Lauded as one of the releases of last year by Mixmag, Los Angeles based producer Principleasure follows his run of themed EPs with Principleasure III due for release February 19th. 

Recorded between LA and Berlin’s Handwerk Studios, every track features his trademark selection of analogue synthesisers, tracked and mixed solely in the analogue domain. 

Seen as a middle ground between dystopian soundtrack and dancefloor centred slo-electro grooves, Principleasure III will be his final sequential EP release before unleashing his debut album in the summer of 2018.



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