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Avalon Emerson
Pressure / Quoi!

13 January 2014 / Icee Hot

  1. A1. Pressure
  2. A2. Quoi!
  3. B1. Quoi! (Tuff City Kids Clean Shave Mix)
  4. B2. Quoi! (Tuff City Kids Rusty Blade Mix)
Artists: Avalon Emerson
Remixers: Tuff City Kids

San Francisco's ICEE HOT crew is getting ready to celebrate four years of existence, and part of that effort includes a new release, the debut 12" from San Francisco producer Avalon Emerson.

Emerson has been cobbling together tunes for a couple of years now, but once the ICEE HOT gang heard "Pressure," it was readily apparent that her production skills had taken a serious leap. The track is a brash piece of techno, one colored by distorted beats, a twisted diva vocal, and menacing rave synths. "Quoi!" takes a slightly more relaxed approach, combining crunchy rhythms and "out there" vocal bits with spacey vibes that recall The Orb.

On the flipside, German duo Tuff City Kids (a.k.a Lauer and Running Back label head Gerd Janson) has been enlisted for two separate "Quoi!" remixes. The "Clean Shave Mix" is a slow-burning slice of disco-tinged dance music that crests and builds while bringing just a hint of acid into the mix. The "Rusty Blade Mix" takes a tougher approach, boosting both the tempo and the distortion while harkening back to the dark side of '90s warehouse sounds.

Stream clips here.




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