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Haramia Tapes

28 April 2017 / Apollo Recordings

  1. 01. I Am You
  2. 02. Harper
  3. 03. Punk
  4. 04. Hall
  5. 05. Patria
  6. 06. Farewell Four
  7. 07. Ef
Artists: Haramia Tapes

Apollo proudly presents the debut from Haramia Tapes, a new mysterious side project from renowned Hungarian electronic music producer Laurine Frost.

More usually known for his refined techno sensibilities, Frost has packed 'Pfunk’ with deftly programmed rhythmic structures and infused it with low slung bass and jazzy textures that make for a sumptuous, enveloping listening experience, ideal for fans of Nonkeen, Jazzanova or Leftfield.

‘Pfunk' contains seven unique beat sessions - smooth funk, crossed with unique broken rhythms, live drums, bass and found sounds - shot through with cinematic melancholy.

From the elegiac piano of opener ‘I Am You’ to the twisted drunken breaks of ‘Pfunk’ to the cooled out percussion and spaced atmospheres of ‘Hail’, or the moody spy-movie atmospherics of Farewell Four - this is an album that traverses a variety of moods and textures, effortlessly fusing traditional instrumentation with modern electronics and a perfect addition to Apollo’s beguiling canon of mellowed out grooves.




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