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Nicolas Bougaïeff
Permutation Djinn

17 August 2018 / NovaMute

  1. 1. Woke Up As A Copy
  2. 2. PanicTimeTryout
  3. 3. Little Djinn
  4. 4. No Escape

Nicolas Bougaïeff returns to NovaMute with two EPs inspired by Greg Egan’s sci-fi novel ‘Permutation City’. ‘Permutation Djinn’, released August 3rd 2018 with ‘Permutation City’ released later this year.

Egan’s novel explores a far future scenario where mankind uploads their consciousness onto computers. Bougaïeff’s interpretation on ‘Permutation Djinn’ attempts to translate the stages of the novel into music while respecting the constraints of making club friendly tracks.

The titles of the tracks allude to various mental states the character goes through, from waking up in the simulated room, realising the shutdown functions have been disabled, speaking with his flesh-and-blood original and finally assessing the inevitability of his situation.

The opener ‘Woke Up As A Copy’ is an expansive track with Blade Runneresque metallic reverberations. ‘Panic Time Tryout’ is a peak time cut, fostering the futurist atmosphere with an unsettling melody.‘Little Djinn’ is the most frenetic of the tracks whilst ‘No Escape’ takes it back to peak time with resounding drums and drills.




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